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David Klinikowski

Assistant Research Professor


  • Larson Transportation Institute

201 Transportation Research Building


Research Areas:

Advanced Materials and Devices; Transportation Engineering; Transportation Systems; Vehicle Dynamics and Controls; Vehicle Systems Engineering

Interest Areas:

Heavy vehicle research and testing, structural durability, reliability, vehicle emissions, design, instrumentation, electric vehicles, alternative fuels, pavement surface characteristics, advanced propulsion systems, automotive safety, and tire surface interaction.




  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, Penn State University, 1986


Journal Articles

  • Kevin Barnum, Samuel McLaughlin, Chun Tai, Marcus Johansson, Magnus Christensen, Andre Boehman, Steve Kirby, Suresh Iyer and David J Klinikowski, 2011, "Effects of Biomass Fuels on Engine & System Out Emissions for Short Term Endurance"

Conference Proceedings

  • Partha Mishra, Suresh S Iyer and David J Klinikowski, , "Uncertainties in Emission Measurements in a Partial Flow Sampling System", Society of Automotive Engineers, Warrendale, PA, USA, pp. 8
  • David J Klinikowski, Suresh S Iyer and V Madhadevan, , "Recovery of tail pipe species concentrations signals and its effect on emissions calculations from raw exhaust gas streams during chassis dynamometer tests"


  • Lokanath Mohanta, Suresh Iyer, Partha Mishra and David J Klinikowski, 2014, "Uncertainties in Measurements of Chassis Dynamometer Tests"

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