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  • Larson Transportation Institute

201 Transportation Research Building





  • BS, Geology, Guilford College, 1999
  • MS, Watershed Science, Colorado State University, 2005


Journal Articles

  • Audrey M Stallworth, Eric H Chase, Bonnie McDevitt, katherine Marak, Miriam Freedman, Robin Taylor Wilson, William D Burgos and Nathaniel R. Warner, 2021, "Efficacy of Oil and Gas Produced Water as a Dust Suppressant", Science of the Total Environment
  • Audrey M Stallworth, Eric H Chase, William D Burgos and Nathaniel R. Warner, 2020, "Laboratory Method to Assess Efficacy of Dust Suppressants for Dirt and Gravel Roads", Transportation Research Record, 2647, pp. 188-199

Conference Proceedings

  • Eric H Chase and Elizabeth Heness, 2018, "Real-Time Monitoring of Dust Generation from Driving Surface Aggregate in Pennsylvania", Transportation Research Board - Annual Meeting Proceedings, pp. 13
  • Eric H Chase, 2014, "Regulation of TDS and Chloride from Oil and Gas Wastewater in Pennsylvania", pp. 95-106

Magazines/Trade Publications

  • Eric H Chase, 2018, "Dust Generation on Unpaved Roads in Central Pennsylvania", Roads and Bridges

Extension Publications

  • Eric H Chase and Steven Bloser, 2021, "Streambed Restoration", pp. 6
  • Eric H Chase and Steven Bloser, 2021, "Grade Control", pp. 4
  • Eric H Chase and Steven Bloser, 2021, "Site Assessment - Longitudinal Profile & Cross-Section", pp. 6
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  • Steven Bloser and Eric H Chase, 2020, "Guidance in Determining Bankfull Stream Width in Pennsylvania", pp. 8
  • Eric H Chase and Arthur Gover, 2018, "Use Herbicides to Prevent Japanese Stiltgrass Impacts on Grading Operations", pp. 2
  • Eric H Chase, 2017, "Research Update - Real-Time Dust Monitoring", pp. 5
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  • Eric H Chase, 2016, "Informational Bulletin - Real-Time Dust Monitoring", pp. 3


  • Eric H Chase and Shearer R Shearer, 2016, "Review and Evaluation of MS-O430-0010 PVC Storm Sewer Drain", pp. 4

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Established in 1989 by the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute with funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration, the Larson Transportation Institute’s Bus Research and Testing Center tests buses for safety, structural integrity, durability, performance, maintainability, noise, emissions, energy economy, and fuel economy. Based primarily in Altoona, Pennsylvania, the Center also has a facility located at the Larson Transportation Institute Test Track in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.  

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